Grant Made to Restore Historic 1924 Stained Glass Window

Stained Glass Window at CCD

Recently our Foundation was contacted by The Community Church of Douglaston (CCD). Douglaston is in New York near Long Island Sound. The Foundation’s founder, Fritz Leonhardt, was a longtime resident of Douglaston and regularly worshiped at CCD (see the Legacy Statement). The Foundation has supported CCD over the years starting way back in the 1950s. CCD contacted us to let us know that their stained glass window was in dire need of restoration. CCD’s stained glass window was installed in 1924. Over 90 years of New England weather had taken its toll. In their search for a group capable of restoring such an old work of art, CCD located J & R Lamb Studios, a company that specializes in architectural stained glass sacred spaces. Unbeknownst to CCD, J & R Lamb Studios designed and installed their window way back in 1924 and still had the original documentation on file. J & R Lamb has been in operation for over 160 years. All this to say that our Foundation made a $50,000 grant to cover the restoration work and dedication ceremony. The restored window will be dedicated to Rev. Meyer who passed recently. Rev. Meyer led CCD for 30 years. The restoration project will start in early June, 2017, and will complete in late August, 2017. We will post pictures of the restored window as soon as they are available.