COVID-19 Crisis Response Grants – Spring 2020

On April 29th, 2020, the board convened for its Spring meeting (by teleconference). During this meeting the board discussed the current COVID-19 crisis now griping our nation and the state of New Mexico. The board agreed that one of the most pressing issues is food insecurity. The board expressed a desire to address this emergency need. To this end, the board voted to make a $10,000 grant to Roadrunner Food Bank, and a $10,000 grant to the New Mexico Community Foundation. The grant to the New Mexico Community Foundation will be earmarked to specifically address food insecurity within the Native American populations of New Mexico. The board will continue to monitor the COVID-19 crisis and may make additional crisis response grants at its July 21st, 2020, board meeting. The board and staff of the FHL Foundation wishes everyone safety, security, and good health during these trying times.